Author: Norma Peterson

Scotland – “The Land of Golf” (Part 1)

Scotland has long been consider “The land of golf”. Let’s check out the most beautiful golf courses in Scotland!

St Andrews Old Course – The dream of golfers

From the ancient city of Edinburgh, we arrived at the legendary St Andrews Old Course – the dream of most golfers in the world. Weaving through small roads and crossing many green carpets on both sides of the wheat and pasture is a great and classic St Andrews Old Course with fairway and green connecting holes 1 and 18.

It is a legendary stone bridge, which marks millions of steps of the world’s top golfers who have passed through every major tournament that took place here, including The Open Championship.

St Andrews Old Course

St Andrews Links is a cluster of 7 golf courses designed according to the form of “linked Course” including Old Course, The Castle Course, New Course, Jubilee Course, Eden Course, Strathtyrum Course, and Balgove Course, creating the same definition. Permanent glass for a St Andrews Links of 464 years old.

The courtyard is known for two “specialties” being the wind and the bunker. When you calculate the balls that can be solved 2 this means you have won yourself. The yard and fairway conditions of the course are very suitable for top-level matches, rough grasses (the green and fairway sections) in most Scottish courts usually left natural, so whenever the ball position is outside the fairway, you have to calculate defense solutions rather than attacking flags.

Royal Dornoch

Royal Dornoch Golf Course was introduced as the third most beautiful golf course after St Andrews, Muirfield, and the Ballantine’s International Cup 2016 final round, bringing together golfers from many countries around the world to qualify for the region. come to Scotland. When we got off the car, our group admired the beauty of this 400-year-old golf course, everything was preserved and the golf course was well maintained so that viewers could feel the featured symbol of Scotland.

From the experiences in the first day of practice and competition, I found that the links design is close to the coast, it is often difficult for you to direct the ball to the flag, only so you can ensure safety.

The origin and some popular horse racing forms in England

Horse racing was born in the years 684 BC existed for centuries. This sport is also called another name “Royal Sports“. In the Roman period, there were some of the first horse races to take place, and were included in the Olumpic program in Europe.

Horse racing’s origin

Horse racing has been popular in both England and the United States since the early eighteenth century, each with different ways of organizing, scale and operating. And starting from here, the British began to breed professional breeds for racing.

In 1751, in England began the establishment of small and medium horse racing clubs. At that time, it was released a book about the pure horse breeds that specialized in competitions, this book is called “The Book of Breeds of Animals”.

In the United States, this equestrian sport has been around since the 17th century (formed before England, Britain began investing in purebred horses).


In the form of flat-line horse racing, it is only allowed to use purebred racehorses, Which horses will reach the finish line first. In this form, there are specific and clear rules and regulations that require a high degree of fairness. In a tournament, not only horse racing, but also a kind of entertainment that is accompanied by “seahorses”. Therefore, it is required that the organizers have to be highly specialized, must have strict management systems.

“Obstacle horse racing” is also quite a popular form, also using purebred horses. This type is not much different from flat horse racing, the result is based mainly on the speed.

3 football stars that make Man Utd still have hope in Fred

Fred has caused great disappointment in the first year of fighting in the Premier League but Red Devils fans can still trust the Brazilian star if they look at the 5 cases below.

Check out the 5 players who were disappointed in the first year, but played brilliantly in their 2nd year in the Premier League.

Patrice Evra (Manchester United)

Evra is one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s best signings when Man Utd only paid £ 5.5 million to recruit him from Monaco in 2006.

Evra at the peak is one of the world’s leading left-backs with a comprehensive ability to play. However, his first season in the Premier League was not smooth. In the debut of Evra, Man Utd lost to 1-3 against City, and the French star was disappointed. He was abandoned in the match against Liverpool later, missed the 2006 World Cup. Mikael Silvestre was called up as a fullback after several seasons in the center.

In the next season, all changed. Evra is the Reds’ No. 1 defender, despite competing with Gabriel Heinze, John O’Shea, and Silvestre.

Michael Essien (Chelsea)

Essien became Chelsea’s record signing when he joined Stamford Bridge from Lyon in 2005 for £ 24.4 million but for at least my first 12 months, the Ghanaian star just left a faded performance.

However, even after Frank Lampard and Claude Makelele are still at their peak, even though Michael Ballack is brought in, Essien still impresses. Unfortunately, two serious knee injuries in the 2011/12 season made his career at Chelsea impossible to last longer.

Javier Mascherano (West Ham/Liverpool)

West Ham lost 8 and drew 1 in their first 9 matches after Mascherano and Carlos Tevez arrived in August 2006. The following season, Mascherano arrived at Anfield, along with Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso as the key names in the money. Liverpool defender. He was considered the top defensive midfielder in the Premier League before coming to Barcelona in 2010.

Maguire wants to be the captain of M.U like Rio Ferdinand

Harry Maguire midfielder believes he possesses all the qualities necessary to become United’s captain like the former Rio Ferdinand legend.

The 26-year-old is determined to leave Leicester this summer to join Man United. The Reds have repeatedly proposed to the Foxes but the latest price of up to 80 million pounds is still rejected.

Maguire still hopes that negotiations will quickly come to an end so he can join a big team like Man United. Besides, the midfielder confessed “wanting to wear the M.U captain’s armband to rfaise the trophy trophies”.

Maguire is said to be the idol of Steve Bruce, Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand since childhood and wants to be as great as these three seniors. However, his wish is not known when it will become a reality. Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has warned M.U will not throw too much money in the Summer 2019 TechCenter. If they cannot finish the Maguire case then they will switch to other cheaper targets.

Currently, M.U has a lot of personnel for the center-back position. Axel Tuanzebe is likely to be retained while Eric Bailly, Marcos Rojo, and Phil Jones may leave.

Is Maguire really the best defender in the world?

Harry Maguire played in the World Cup semi-final and became one of the most highly-rated defenders in the Premier League. However, even so, Maguire is hard to be the best player in his position.

However, if Leicester reserve the view, forcing United to pay £ 80 million, Maguire will become the most expensive defender in the world. At that time, the money will surpass the £ 75 million that Liverpool paid Southampton to own Virgil van Dijk, who is not only the best defender in the current football village but also a heavyweight candidate for Golden Ball title 2019.

Remember, Maguire only joined Leicester two years ago from the relegation club Hull City for £ 12 million. And while Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is looking to buy Maguire as soon as possible to reinforce the defense, the leadership of M.U and Leicester has yet to find a common voice in unifying the price.