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While many England’s football teams gain success, the national team is still faded (Part 1)

English clubs dominate the European Cup with 2 finals all over England, but is it really a good sign for football in the foggy country?

After Liverpool and Tottenham created great sub-versions to advance to the Champions League final, the Europa League, Arsenal and Chelsea also made no mistakes to participate in the final match, thereby creating 2 matches. All-English finals, something that has never happened in history.

These victories made English football fans ecstatic in their victory and sang the phrase “football is coming home” (bringing football home).

Success at club level does not bring success to England.

English teams are achieving success, but looking to England, have fans ever felt depressed? And is football really coming home?

When the “crate” match is “mercenary”

Liverpool crush Barca 4-0 at Anfield, Tottenham miraculously upstream with 3 goals in the second half to beat Ajax on the away field, Arsenal brought down the “bat” of Mestalla of Valencia with a 4-2 victory, and Chelsea struggled to overcome Frankfurt on a dramatic shootout.

Either way, representatives from England were present in the final. However, there is a common point that among the heroes of these 4 teams, who “crate” the results of the match, there is no single name.

Lucas Moura was the focus of the magic night of the Tottenham players with a hat-trick.

Before Barca, Divock Origi (Belgium) and Giorginio Wijnaldum (Netherlands) are the ones who shine to bring the ticket for Liverpool. In Amsterdam, the stage belongs to Lucas Moura (Brazil) with a hat-trick, thereby creating one of the craziest comebacks in the history of the Champions League.

Go to Mestalla, double “artillery” Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Gabon) and Alexandre Lacazette (France) continue to fire to help Arsenal shoot down the “bat cave”. Earlier, in the first leg, it was this duo who shone to help Arsenal to come back from the lead after the visitors.

Man City got into the quarterfinals of the British League Cup

Sergio Aguero scored twice when Man City defeated Southampton 3-1 in round 4, thereby winning tickets to go on the road to defend the British League Cup.

Goalscorers: Otamendi 20 ‘, Aguero 38’, 56 ‘- Stephens 75’

Using a team with up to five positions as reserve players or newly promoted from the youth team, Man City is still too strong compared to Southampton. In a one-sided posture, the outcome is decided when the game clock has not yet reached the hour mark. The Etihad team took turn to score three goals in the net, thanks to Otamendi and Aguero’s double cup.

Man City have an easy victory against Southampton

Southampton, after a 0–9 loss to Leicester City on October 25, almost played back most of the time. And despite losing, they at least consoled the home fans when avoiding a losing face again, and also scored an honorary score at the end of the match, when Man City showed signs of laxity.

The gap was doubled seven minutes before halftime, when Aguero found just enough space in the penalty area to finish from Kyle Walker’s cross. This is the 11th goal of the veteran Argentinian striker for Man City this season. And he soon had his 12th goal shortly after the second half. This time, Aguero struck the opportunity, put the ball through the gap between the legs of goalkeeper Alex McCarthy, after Mahrez teammate finished beating the defender.

Post-match statistics show that Man City this match 19 times definitely hit the goal. Southampton almost played in the home half in the first half, and it was not until the 65th minute that the first shot, with a curling shot from the edge of Sofiane Boufal’s 16m50 area, made home keeper Claudio Bravo struggling. breaking.

Victory 3-1 shows the depth strength of Man City. Coach Guardiola changed to nine main stone positions compared to the Aston Villa victory in the English Premier League on October 26. He gave the first-team first-team opportunity to Tommy Doyle, the highly-rated 18-year-old midfielder who graduated from Man City academy. The line between Man City, played by Doyle and another young player, Phil Foden and senior Bernado Silva, still helps Man City to control the ball, sometimes up to 89%.

Man City has been the owner of the League Cup in the last two consecutive seasons and did not hide his ambition to set up a hat trick to conquer this title.

What you should know about Wimbledon – the oldest tennis tournament in the world? (Part 2)

The format of Wimbledon can be said to be the most severe in the Grand Slam. If the last set of two players tie, do not play tie-break, but have to fight when buckled to 2 new games only. That’s why on June 24, 2010 the players John Isner and Nicolas Mahut ended the match lasting 11 hours and 5 minutes. The match started on June 22 and ended only two days later with the final set score of 70 – 68 in favor of Isner.

Wimbledon is known not only as the tournament with the highest prize in the world but also a very luxurious tournament. All players are required to wear white and no advertisements printed on the costumes. Particularly, female tennis players are forced to wear skirts and greetings with the Royal style swing.

When the Queen of England or the British Crown Prince attends, the players must bow to pay their respects.

Little boys and girls pick up balls: Each year about 250 boys and girls pick up balls used to serve at Wimbledon. Each court usually arranges 6 people: 2 people on the 2 sides of the net and 4 people in the 4 corners of the yard. The average age of a ball boy is about 15 years old and only serves from 1 to 2 prizes will be replaced by someone else. Before being recruited, candidates will have to undergo a number of tests. Including fitness tests, as well as flexibility in each situation. There are also tests about some of the basic rules of tennis.

Rest Sunday

Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam tournament to have a holiday between semi-finals and finals, and that holiday usually takes place on Sunday, people also call it a “middle Sunday” day. Traditionally, the tournament will start on Monday and will last for 13 days, then take a Sunday break and proceed to the finals the next day. Only exactly 3 years, Wimbledon was forced to use Sunday to play tennis players due to the weather. That was in 1991, 1997 and 2004.

Underwater hockey – such a favorite sport in England (Part 2)

After the referee’s order, 12 diving swimmers of two teams face-down, butt-butt rushed to the bottom of each other’s pants, curled up the holder and passed the ball towards the tray (considered as a goal in ice hockey or football) before making the score (the ball completely falls into the tray).

Underwater hockey tactics “copy” from basketball with defensive formation – attack according to the 3-3 scheme (3 defenders, 3 attackers), or can be transformed into 3-2- 1, 2-3-1, 1-2-3 or 2-2-2 … Each match has 2 innings and the time of regular periods is from 10-20 minutes depending on the rules of each tournament.

The interesting thing about this game is tactics … hold your breath. Because with the water sports, the “fish players” usually hold their breath for about 15-30 seconds before they have to rise to the surface to address the innate needs of humans and dive back to the bottom to continue the competition. duel.

Funnily enough, each score scored not only brings joy to the winning team, but also the losing team also has a small joy. Because after the celebration, all the winning team members rushed to the surface to breathe and of course the losing team was breathing. In stressful matches, the tank is like attaching a jacuzzi to the surface of the water, but the strange thing is that the game rarely causes injuries to the player.

The bizarre and sophisticated skills that make water hockey so pervasive across continents that the top organizations must vie for members and organize world championships. Currently, the sport has two international representative organizations, the Underwater Hockey Commission (CMAS) and the World Aquachallenge Association (WAA), but none of the organizations give up so there are two world championships that exist separately. since 2006 held alternately.

What you should know about Wimbledon – the oldest tennis tournament in the world? (Part 1)

Wimbledon, the most prestigious Grand Slam tournament and also the oldest tennis tournament in the world with 141 years of age.

Born in 1877, Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam tournament on the pitch. Previously, on the field, there was an Australian Open, but due to the difficult climate to maintain the grass during the tournament, since 1988, Australia has moved to play on hard courts.

Major Walter Clopton Wingfield was the one who gave birth to tennis in 1875, which he initially called it a very memorable Sphairistike name. Walter quickly popularized this subject and racket players were the most eager to participate in training.

Wimbledon quickly got their first tournament just 2 years after it was invented. The first year finals had about 200 spectators to witness. By 1937, Wimbledon’s charisma surpassed many other sports to dominate and that was the year these five tennis tournaments were broadcast live across the UK.

In 1924, Wimbledon introduced a competitive seed arrangement system, which has been maintained ever since. Accordingly, 128 players will participate in the men’s singles, 128 women’s singles, 64 men’s doubles, 64 women’s doubles, and 48 doubles will compete in the mixed doubles.

Wimbledon has 19 stadiums in total. In particular, the No. 2 arena is known as the Place to bury the seeds. Many of the top seeds in the tournament have been dropped on this stage.

Despite its early birth, Wimbledon didn’t open the door until 1968. It was this open era that marked the overthrow of the UK players by names from neighboring Europe. It was not until 2013 that Andy Murray made the United Kingdom open his eyes when he won the Wimbledon championship and became the first UK player to be crowned since opening.

There are 3 players and 7 times crowned Wimbledon men’s singles: William Renshaw, Peter Sampras and Roger Federer. In the women’s event, Czech tennis player Martina Navratilova has won 9 times. Navratilova is also a great female tennis player, winning 18 Grand Slam singles, 31 Grand Slam doubles women. She was second only to Steffi Graf, the German tennis player and also the greatest player of the 20th century with 22 Grand Slams in her career.

Underwater hockey – such a favorite sport in England (Part 1)

Underwater hockey is also holds the No. 1 position in difficulty because it takes place at the bottom of the lake, players not only have to swim well, dive well, but also need the ability to hold their breath.

Underwater hockey was born very casually in a situation unrelated to sports. In 1950, the British Navy often devised a way to practice and play in a similar manner to ice hockey in the water to help divers improve their ability to move and perform effective tasks under the water. By 1954, Underwater hockey (also known as the name

Octopush) was officially considered a sport after Alan Blake founded the first Southsea Sub-Aqua Club in England. Underwater hockey was then enthusiastically responded to by a harmonious combination of swimming and diving skills, while a mixed form of hockey and basketball.

Both men and women can participate in this subject, just need to have good endurance to the challenge of holding your breath for a certain period of time underwater. They are equipped with fins, masks, snorkel, a protective glove made of rubber, a headscarf and a small stick about 30 cm long to control the puck (similar to ice hockey ball) from 1.3 – 1.5 kg is covered with plastic to create friction at the bottom of the game field.

The usual water hockey matches take place at the pool with the length of 25 m, width of 12 m, reaching depth from 2-4 m and 2 ends with 2 metal trays of 3 m length. Audience of this strange sport will watch from the lake or enjoy directly on the screen recorded by the camera or witness close-up at the mirror-design swimming pool.

The battle of “fish player”

Every underwater hockey game brings excitement and attracts viewers’ curiosity by playing “one of a kind”. Two teams waded into the water, each with 10 people (6 competitions, 4 substitutes) and recognized by the paint color of the bats.

The origin of bare-handed boxing (Part 2)

Is bare-handed boxing more safer than boxing in gloves?

“The match is shorter and the absence of gloves means it is easier to hit. It is more like a sprint than a marathon. Malignaggi is a marathon-style fighter, he will use one or two attacks throughout the 12 rounds to score. A bare-handed boxing will always benefit boxers with strong feats and fast pace. ”

In the first match of Artem Lobov in the BKFC in April, he won the point before the opponent was Jason Knight, a former MMA fighter.

Although the match images showed both Lobov and Knight filled with cuts and swelling on the body – even Knight was punched out teeth – BKFC chairman David Feldman said that the injuries of the fighters Usually, the right eye in the game is only skin, not affecting the internal organs.

Boxing with bare hand can cause cuts, bruises, but if compared to the internal tremors, bare hands boxing has no effect like Boxing wearing gloves

More specifically, he said: “I will not say barehanded is safer than MMA or Boxing but I am sure it is not more dangerous. Skin cuts and bruises will not leave lasting effects such as brain concussions or fractures.

“One of the most important things is that most fighters rarely fight with their bare hands. If I say you don’t punch the wall with your bare hands, your instincts will always automatically hold back so you don’t hurt your hands. But if you put on the gloves, you will feel more secure and punch at full power.

“Because of not punching at full force, risks related to the brain are less likely to occur.”

However, head of the brain injury association Headway Peter McCabe said: “With or without gloves, Boxing is still a dangerous sport. Every time a boxer steps on the stage they will face the risk of serious injury, like it or not.

Boxing in England: Modern martial art that has an ancient origin

Boxing is a martial art and fighting sport between two people from the West, using a punch combined with moving the legs, head and torso.

So far, no specific timeline has been set for when boxing was born. Numerous evidence indicates that boxing originated in North Africa around 4,000 BC and the Mediterranean around 1,500 BC. Greece is about 900 BC and ancient Rome 500 AD. Around 3,700 BC, in Mésopotamie (ancient Greece) has circulated boxing, ancestor of boxing today.

At the same time, Greece thrived in competitive competitions, even allowing opponents to be allowed to bring more leather or iron straps to their hands to take them down faster, because the rules of the game at that time were to come. when there is a person who can’t continue fighting anymore

In 746 BC, after Rome destroyed Greece, boxing was also brought to Rome with the enthusiastic response of the youth. However, as the development of boxing became increasingly ruthless, in 404 BC, the Roman Emperor Theodosius the First made a complete ban on boxing.

By the sixteenth century, ancient Greek and Roman boxing was a favored activity among the middle and upper classes of Britain in the Renaissance movement. From 1719 to 1730, James Figg defeated many opponents and was considered the first heavyweight boxing champion, and also the first to open a boxing school.

Then, a British next-generation champion, Jack Broughton, went further: opening a boxing school, inventing gloves to reduce accidents in competition, setting up a right-of-way rule. more sporty. In 1773, Jack Broughton revised the rules of the London ring competition to the official “Boxing Rule”.

In 1865, an English marquis, Queens Beery Vlll, improved the boxing rule into a more ambitious rule: playing only 3 innings, 3 minutes each, instead of 16 rounds as Broughton rules.

In 1872, the rules of Queens Beery were officially applied to the matches. Later Broughton rules became the professional boxing competition and Berry rules became the amateur boxing rules. In 1904, boxing was first included in the Olympic Games program and became the official game of the Olympic Games. In 1920, the World Boxing Federation (AIBA) was born. By 1994, 122 countries had joined the AIBA. So far, according to statistics on the website of AIBA, there are 194 countries under this organization.

The origin of bare-handed boxing

In recent times, bare-handed boxing has become more widely available, but where did the origins of this sport come from and is this bloody sport safer than boxing with gloves?

Explained in the simplest way, bare-handed Boxing is the most original version of Boxing. Bare boxing has existed since 1681 in England and was the main form of British martial arts competition until 1867, the year the Marquess of Queensberry was introduced.

This is the law that is considered the foundation for modern Boxing because of the existence of a law requiring martial artists to wear gloves to protect their hands. Thanks to a change in the rules, boxing became more famous and recognized as an Olympic sport in the early 20th century.

Meanwhile, boxing without gloves has become an underground sport and is the fishing rod of the punches for many different reasons that can not compete professionally or amateur.

Boxing-free boxing was largely forgotten by the public until the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) was formed in 2018, which is the only league to legalize airless matches since 1889.

It was not until 2018 that bare-handed boxing developed again after nearly 130 years of being forgotten

Rules of bare-handed Boxing like?

Despite being promoted as brutal barefoot battles, the boxers are still forced to use handwrap to minimize the possibility of dislocated hands as possible.

The rules of non-glove matches are similar to amateur and professional rules in places such as biting, hitting, hitting the back of the neck and using elbows. However, the non-glove Boxers are allowed to strike in a hugging position similar to Muay Thai (Dirty Boxing technique).

A half will last for 2 minutes and a match will have 3, 5 or 7 periods depending on the organizers.

Former UFC boxer Artem Lobov said that this competition format is not suitable for professional fighters like Malignaggi, more specifically he describes that Boxing without gloves is like a sprint race, while professional Boxing is a marathon.

Golf is from the Netherlands, not Scotland

The discovery by German scientist Heiner Gillmeister is sparking discontent among the golf-loving public in Scotland – the country that prides itself on being the home of this game. However, the evidence presented by Gillmeister is quite valid: Golf was originally created by the Dutch!

Golf was once banned in Scotland

Heiner Gillmeister – an English language professor and professor of sports history at the University of Bonn (Germany) – analyzed the first written texts on golf. The reason that Scotland insists that they are the hometown of golf is based on two documents The first is the law of the city parliament of Edinburg issued on 6 March 1457, which states “banning football and golf”.

The second text is the 1491 law, which states “banning football, golf and all sports is of no national interest”. That is, around the 15th century in Scotland there was a sport called golf, and the sport was banned because it did not provide specific benefits such as archery or fencing for example (these two subjects could help the nation defense).

“It is worth noting that in both of the aforementioned documents, a light sport like golf is listed in the same category as football,” said Gillmeier. referring to a different sport from today’s golf. And that is probably hockey. “

To prove the hypothesis, Gillmeier found a text by Earl Gilbert Hay, who in 1460 in a book about Emperor Alexander described “golf staff” and golf game in Scotland. But in this game, the ball is played back and forth between the two teams, similar to hockey, unlike the golf we know today.

For these reasons, Gillmeier insists golf cannot be of Scottish origin. He said that the “golf” in English is derived from the Dutch “kolve” or “kolf” – which is used to describe the goat shepherd’s stick in the country. In addition, the first work on the sport “golf” was written by a Dutchman – Count Pieter van Afferden. In this Latin book, van Afferden devotes a whole chapter to a detailed description of the art of golf. In it, it is clear that the player uses a stick like the goatsman’s stick to push the ball into a fixed hole.

Gillmeier said: “Van Afferden’s text shows that golfing first appeared in the Netherlands, and was later introduced into Scotland and boycotted by the aristocracy. However, it has grown so much in Scotland that people think Scotland is the home of golf “.

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