Ice Hockey

What is ice hockey? Ice hockey is also a type of ice hockey. The players wear ice skates and proceed to play. Ice hockey is played at many levels and ages.

Both hockey sticks and hockey balls are designed to suit the ice environment for easy competition. This is Canada’s winter sport. How is ice hockey law? Where is hockey? All are regulated by the international federation.

In addition, there are several types of sports as follows.

Underwater hockey

Mini hockey

Toy hockey

Indoor hockey

Rules of hockey

Rules of hockey are organized by world hockey rules. In a match each team will have 10 participants. However, there will be 6 members participating in the competition and 4 members will sit on the bench. There are also certain rules for hockey sticks and hockey balls. Depending on the type of competition will be provided with the appropriate ball and stick.

Things to know about ice hockey

Only two gold medals were awarded in ice hockey. However, we cannot deny the popularity and importance of this sport at the Winter Olympics.

Based on the statistics of ticket sales, the number of people watching ice hockey accounted for 46% at the Vancouver (Canada) Olympics in 2010 and 50% at the Sochi Olympic Games (Russia) in the year. 2014.

The biggest difference between hockey and football is that there is no limit to the time and number of substitutions per match. At the same time, the circular disk that the players have to fight is not as conspicuous as the round ball on the grass. However, this is the attraction of ice hockey – its sensitivity and speed.

Hockey has certain requirements on playing tools

Each hockey game lasts 20 minutes, playing in 3 consecutive rounds. Teams will have the right to change people continuously and unlimited. Players may use their hips and shoulders to obstruct the opponent. After 3 extra innings, if the teams are inconclusive, continue to play extra time.

Thus, through this article you probably already know what hockey is, hockey sport, water hockey, information about how to play hockey and the rules of hockey You prayed, right. Currently, this game is quite popular in many countries and increasingly receives much love from fans.