Hockey is a very popular sport in European countries. Hockey was born and the 19th century and the sport has received a lot of love from the young Western.

So what is hockey? What is the rule of this hockey game? What is hockey sport, hockey photos, hockey time? The following article will provide you with useful information about this sport.

What is hockey?

What is hockey? This is a popular sport in feudal Europe. But you were surprised to know in which country hockey was born? The origin of hockey from the Middle Ages countries gradually became more and more popular.

In hockey, two teams compete with each other by trying to control a ball or a round, hard disk into the other team’s net or goal, in hockey you hit the ball with a hockey stick. bridge. When the ball is in, the scoring team will get the corresponding score.

At the end of the match the team with the higher score wins. This is the simplest and most applicable way to play hockey. Have you “watched ice hockey movie”? This movie is based on the famous novel of Puck with the famous cast.

Types of hockey


This is a professional discipline in Russia and Sweden. You will play bandy with a soccer ball and have many rules like soccer. Bandy hockey information provided by the player is very detailed.

Actually bandy originated in the 19th century in England. The emergence of bandy led to the birth of Bandy World attracted the attention of hockey enthusiasts.

Hockey on the grass

Similar to football, hockey on grass is conducted on natural grass or gravel. The hockey stick used is usually made of wood or glass. This type of hockey is highly regarded and celebrated on a large scale around the world.