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Basic things you should know about boxing (Part 3)


To make the battles as fair as possible, the boxers are divided into weight classes. Therefore, each fighter only competes with another martial artist of similar weight, making the match become much fairer and more balanced.

How to win in a boxing match?

The goal of boxing is to hit the opponent directly, and finally, the judges will discuss until it is possible to agree on which athlete scores more points with the shots.

There are many other ways to win besides knocking out.

When the opponent collapses to the ring or lies on the line, if the referee counts to 10 and the opponent still cannot stand up.

The arbitrator may also perform knockout by technical factors. When a boxer continues to blow and the referee thinks that the other boxer can’t take it anymore.

Based on the final score and the decision of the judges. The person who scores the higher score will win.

In the end, the assistants can throw the scarf on the floor to accept defeat, when they realize that the athlete no longer has a chance to win.

Boxing is not just a sport of resistance

Boxing has produced some of the most famous (and controversial) athletes of all time. Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and George Foreman are the names associated with this sport. Especially “Thrilla in Manilla” – a match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in 1975, is considered one of the biggest sporting events in history.

This sport appears in many countries around the world and in the US. Some boxing matches can attract millions of followers.

Boxing has also become a popular fitness trend for people who are trying to lose weight or get in better shape. If you don’t believe boxing is a great workout, try to do it three minutes in a row every day and you’ll know the unexpected effects this sport has on you.

The boxing exercises that professional boxers often practice such as sandbag punching, jumping rope, push up, etc. These exercises are single but have special impact on large muscle groups and the heart system pulse, increases breathing rate and consumes a lot of calories to help reduce excess fat, firmer and more supple muscles.

It can be said that Boxing is not only admired because it is a sport but also an expression of human will and strength. Moreover, even if we don’t like it, we cannot deny the health benefits that boxing exercises provide.

Basic things you should know about boxing (Part 2)


In a battle, there were always three judges, who were responsible for watching the match and evaluating each individual boxer’s shots and therefore deciding who would win, if no boxer was knock out or accept defeat.


A team of doctors must always be present to assess the condition of the boxers in battle, determining whether he can continue to play or not.

The manager

This character is “responsible” for the timing of the rounds and hitting the gong to signal the end of each round.

Technical director

The technical director is responsible for the decisions of the judges, reviewing and publishing the results. He is also responsible for other decisions in the match.


He is responsible for making announcements about the results of battles, commenting on and introducing martial artists, organizers, referees, judges, etc.


Each boxer has the right to have four assistants who are behind the boxers and are responsible for advising, caring for the boxer and throwing towels into the ring when they think that boxer can no longer continue to fight.


Sparing is a way to call those responsible for training and perfecting techniques for fighters. They are usually amateur or beginner boxers. But it’s also possible that other great martial artists and champions want to train their next generation to succeed.


Some rules of professional boxing matches are as follows.

– A stroke is only considered to be scored if the fighter hits from the front or next to the head or into the opponent’s abdomen.

– It is against the law to smash the back of the head, grasp or strike under the belt. When a boxer makes a mistake, the referee will issue a warning to that boxer. If this is repeated again, the boxer may be disqualified.

– The boxer cannot attack his opponent while the athlete falls and lies on the floor.

– Bite is also an error to warn and cause that fighter to be eliminated.

Basic things you should know about boxing (Part 1)

Boxing is a famous sport all over the world that has become a new trend for young people, especially those who love sports and martial arts. Or simply treat it as an exercise for those who want to lose weight or get in shape. This article will read you more about this boxing sport.

Modern boxing can be understood simply as a martial art of bare hands fighting between two athletes, using a punch to attack combined with foot and head movement to evade the opponent’s attacks.

Boxing matches take place in a square of 18 to 22 feet (5.5 to 6.7 meters in length) and surrounded by four ropes. A Boxing match can last from 4 to 12 rounds, each round having three minutes.

The time shortened to two minutes per round is usually applied in women’s competitions and in some competitions held in the UK. By the late 1980s, World Championships such as the WBC, WBA and IBF officially defined a 12-round professional boxing match.

Over the years, many boxing variants have emerged, the most famous being Muay Thai and Boxing, which allow boxers to use both their legs and many other parts to strike.

Boxing has been a sport for thousands of years, becoming an official Olympic event in 688 BC. There is even evidence that boxing existed in ancient Egypt. The early boxing was simply barehanded and there were no rules making it a very cruel and violent sport.

Many years later, this sport began to be prescribed, especially in 1867 the Queen personally developed and approved the Official Rules for this sport.

Many people simply think that a boxing match is composed of boxers and referees or more than judges. But actually, in addition to the athletes participating in the competition, there are still many people and each of them has their functions as follows.


Referees have a very important role in every match. Referees are responsible for helping and forcing boxers to follow the rules, keeping them in a framework while controlling athletes’ behavior and intervening when the situation calls for it.

The origin of bare-handed boxing (Part 2)

Is bare-handed boxing more safer than boxing in gloves?

“The match is shorter and the absence of gloves means it is easier to hit. It is more like a sprint than a marathon. Malignaggi is a marathon-style fighter, he will use one or two attacks throughout the 12 rounds to score. A bare-handed boxing will always benefit boxers with strong feats and fast pace. ”

In the first match of Artem Lobov in the BKFC in April, he won the point before the opponent was Jason Knight, a former MMA fighter.

Although the match images showed both Lobov and Knight filled with cuts and swelling on the body – even Knight was punched out teeth – BKFC chairman David Feldman said that the injuries of the fighters Usually, the right eye in the game is only skin, not affecting the internal organs.

Boxing with bare hand can cause cuts, bruises, but if compared to the internal tremors, bare hands boxing has no effect like Boxing wearing gloves

More specifically, he said: “I will not say barehanded is safer than MMA or Boxing but I am sure it is not more dangerous. Skin cuts and bruises will not leave lasting effects such as brain concussions or fractures.

“One of the most important things is that most fighters rarely fight with their bare hands. If I say you don’t punch the wall with your bare hands, your instincts will always automatically hold back so you don’t hurt your hands. But if you put on the gloves, you will feel more secure and punch at full power.

“Because of not punching at full force, risks related to the brain are less likely to occur.”

However, head of the brain injury association Headway Peter McCabe said: “With or without gloves, Boxing is still a dangerous sport. Every time a boxer steps on the stage they will face the risk of serious injury, like it or not.

Boxing in England: Modern martial art that has an ancient origin

Boxing is a martial art and fighting sport between two people from the West, using a punch combined with moving the legs, head and torso.

So far, no specific timeline has been set for when boxing was born. Numerous evidence indicates that boxing originated in North Africa around 4,000 BC and the Mediterranean around 1,500 BC. Greece is about 900 BC and ancient Rome 500 AD. Around 3,700 BC, in Mésopotamie (ancient Greece) has circulated boxing, ancestor of boxing today.

At the same time, Greece thrived in competitive competitions, even allowing opponents to be allowed to bring more leather or iron straps to their hands to take them down faster, because the rules of the game at that time were to come. when there is a person who can’t continue fighting anymore

In 746 BC, after Rome destroyed Greece, boxing was also brought to Rome with the enthusiastic response of the youth. However, as the development of boxing became increasingly ruthless, in 404 BC, the Roman Emperor Theodosius the First made a complete ban on boxing.

By the sixteenth century, ancient Greek and Roman boxing was a favored activity among the middle and upper classes of Britain in the Renaissance movement. From 1719 to 1730, James Figg defeated many opponents and was considered the first heavyweight boxing champion, and also the first to open a boxing school.

Then, a British next-generation champion, Jack Broughton, went further: opening a boxing school, inventing gloves to reduce accidents in competition, setting up a right-of-way rule. more sporty. In 1773, Jack Broughton revised the rules of the London ring competition to the official “Boxing Rule”.

In 1865, an English marquis, Queens Beery Vlll, improved the boxing rule into a more ambitious rule: playing only 3 innings, 3 minutes each, instead of 16 rounds as Broughton rules.

In 1872, the rules of Queens Beery were officially applied to the matches. Later Broughton rules became the professional boxing competition and Berry rules became the amateur boxing rules. In 1904, boxing was first included in the Olympic Games program and became the official game of the Olympic Games. In 1920, the World Boxing Federation (AIBA) was born. By 1994, 122 countries had joined the AIBA. So far, according to statistics on the website of AIBA, there are 194 countries under this organization.

The origin of bare-handed boxing

In recent times, bare-handed boxing has become more widely available, but where did the origins of this sport come from and is this bloody sport safer than boxing with gloves?

Explained in the simplest way, bare-handed Boxing is the most original version of Boxing. Bare boxing has existed since 1681 in England and was the main form of British martial arts competition until 1867, the year the Marquess of Queensberry was introduced.

This is the law that is considered the foundation for modern Boxing because of the existence of a law requiring martial artists to wear gloves to protect their hands. Thanks to a change in the rules, boxing became more famous and recognized as an Olympic sport in the early 20th century.

Meanwhile, boxing without gloves has become an underground sport and is the fishing rod of the punches for many different reasons that can not compete professionally or amateur.

Boxing-free boxing was largely forgotten by the public until the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) was formed in 2018, which is the only league to legalize airless matches since 1889.

It was not until 2018 that bare-handed boxing developed again after nearly 130 years of being forgotten

Rules of bare-handed Boxing like?

Despite being promoted as brutal barefoot battles, the boxers are still forced to use handwrap to minimize the possibility of dislocated hands as possible.

The rules of non-glove matches are similar to amateur and professional rules in places such as biting, hitting, hitting the back of the neck and using elbows. However, the non-glove Boxers are allowed to strike in a hugging position similar to Muay Thai (Dirty Boxing technique).

A half will last for 2 minutes and a match will have 3, 5 or 7 periods depending on the organizers.

Former UFC boxer Artem Lobov said that this competition format is not suitable for professional fighters like Malignaggi, more specifically he describes that Boxing without gloves is like a sprint race, while professional Boxing is a marathon.