Manchester United is one of the greatest football club in the UK with series of achievements during the leagues at Old Trafford.

One of the head coaches contributing to success of MU is Sir Alex Ferguson. His tributes always are stories in legends of MU as well world football.

In this article, we look back some great achievements of him when he manages MU.

1, Championship in the Premier league in 1993

As soon as Sir Alex led MU, they created a new record for this team in 1993. This was the first time after the Premier league history of 26 years, MU could pick up the trophy happily.

This event was memorial for any citizen of MU city. All people cried in happiness for this championship.

However, this event was just all beginning for series of other success under management of this sir.

2, Fighting with Arsene Wenger during 1998-2013

If MU owned a talented coach as Sir Alex, Arsenal also was confident when they had another great coach- Arsene Wenger.

So, fighting between Alex and Wenger as well dispute of MU and Arsenal during 1998 to 2013, at all leagues and seasons. In general, students of Alex became winners in more times. Although it was not only domination at the top ranking.

In 1998, Wenger owned double titles for Arsenal. Then, Alex had proper responses for the 3 winnings, including the league, FA cup and the Champions league. These achievements proved that Sir Alex could do more than critics that he was crumbled by Wenger. He only took actions and reached results instead of opposing them.

In the next few seasons, the title winning still was transferred and exchanged between teams. So that they became always strong opponents in all matches.

Until 2004, Arsenal reached strong achievements with the “Invincibles”. Someone say this was the op period of Arsenal.