Recently, the golf course has the oldest history of the UK and in the “Top 100 most worth golf courses in the world” Royal North Devon Golf Club has made a decision on banning the use of tee plastic throughout the club, a decision that will officially take effect on January 1, 2020.

According to The Telegraph, Royal North Devon is the first golf course to ban the use of plastic tee. This decision was made in an effort to prevent local wildlife from eating the tee and being harmed by the same tee.

Along with environmental considerations, yard leaders have found the plastic tee to end their destination on the beach and that’s the reason for the ban.

From the beginning of the new decade, they want all members to use only wooden tee and pro-shop only provide wooden tee. If the player sees a discarded plastic tee, please place it in the bin located at the teeing ground. The club will have more similar tee boxes at other tee boxes on the field.

Although it is unclear whether any golf course in the US or Canada enforces a similar ban, many have begun the journey to restrict the use of plastic straws in restaurants. However, replacing plastic tee will be more difficult because they have been popular and handy for decades.

For the first time, a tournament organizers launched the Say No to disposable plastic program. Accordingly, during the four days of the tournament, the organizer did not use plastic water bottles and disposable plastic items. Each athlete, the organizer member is provided with a bottle to keep the name engraved from the sponsor. On Laguna Lang Co yard, water spots and cup made from environmentally friendly materials have been set up for the audience.

As a common ground, Royal North Devon is always open to the public and local people to visit. Along the golf holes and the beach is a path where people can walk, take dogs for a walk and enjoy the outdoors. There are signs throughout the golf course to remind golfers that pedestrians have priority.