Here we continue to share top outstanding achievement which Sir Alex Ferguson has ever contributed and helped to build up Manchester Untied strongly and successfully.

We can’t deny that history of MU has been developed powerfully through management of this talented coach. All achievements of Sir can’t list by paper because it is extremly large and countless.

So, it’s better to check list some famous achievements as the following. 

4, Throwing the Champions from Chealsea

In the former article, the most important opponent of MU was Arsernal when they were managed by Wenger in 2004-2005 seasons. Arsernal became the Invincibles when no rival could overcome them. However, by talent, Sir Alex Ferrguson rebuilt a stronger team to defeat Arsernal and maintain the Championship. It looked like MU could reach the best team which noone could overcome. However, another club came and became a major rival of Chelsea.

They continued to be threaten by Chelsea when they were managed by Jose Mourinho in the 2005-2006 season. Chelsea owned series of young footballers like Wayne Rooney, Critiano Ronaldo who are still famous and well-known as nowadays.

However, the 2007 season MU wrestled position of the Champion. It had big contribution of Sir Alex. As soon as leaving the pitch, Sir Alex and Jose was close friend. It was great and admiring for top head coaches in football.

5, Rebuilding MU in a new shirt

In 1990s, MU was managed by Ferguson. He was considered as a president as well a head coach of team. Both he financial issue and quality of team was improved dramatically with sponsorship of Ferrguson and some others.

When Sir Alex Ferrguson was transferred to MU, this was a correct decision to change football history of MU. He rebuilt total team, from performance, character to style so that they could reach series of success and impression from expert and specators.

Estimated, MU is owning the biggest amount of fans until nowadays.