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Great achievement of Alex Ferguson in Manchester United (Part 2)

Manchester United is well-known as a top club in the UK when they reach series of achievements and successes at big tournament like the Premier League, the Euro champion cup, so on.

To reach these achievements, it has big contribution of Alex Ferguson who is a talented head coach in Manchester United.

In this article, we continue to check list top great achievements of this manager for MU.

From the former article, we refer victory of MU in the Premier league 1993 which was the first time they were winners. Now, we will discuss other contributions.

2, Defeating Arsene Wenger during 1998- 2013

In late 1990s, Arsenal was well-known as a strong team for any competition because they were managed by Arsena Wenger who was a calculating and intelligent man. He made new history and new place for Arsenal with series of winning at almost tournament. 

Some clubs werecrumbled before perfect perfomance of Arsenal. However, Sir Alex and MU can do the opposite. They still were the most potential competitor for Arsenal in any competition. 

Before some failure against Arsenal, MU still could reach the Champions league and FA cup. The fact, only Sir can do it.

3, The Treble in 1999

In 1999, Manchester United won the Treble which was completely unprecedented in the UK before. 

Although this team faced difficulty and failure, finally luck still smiled with them happily,

In the two semi-finals, their opponent was Arsenal who was the most potential team for Championship title and another team was Juventus. These opponents required MU to force winning to have a ticket for final match.

Although sometime looked their failure, they overcame by flexible strategies of Sir Alex and became the new Champion. This victory was the first time for one UK club in the prestigious Treble tournament.

Man Utd and Arsenal expect the ticket to the next round of Europa League (Part 1)

The positive results in the first leg helped Man Utd, Arsenal easily win tickets to the 1/8 round of the Europa League in the series of rounds of the round of 1/16 today 27/2.

The recruitment of Bruno Fernandes provided a quick, powerful and effective push, exceeding the expectations of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. In the four matches since the Portuguese midfielder appeared, the “Reds” were unbeaten. More importantly, the results and performances on the pitch of Man Utd increasingly go up. They opened February with a draw of Wolves 0-0, and just crushed Watford 3-0 in the last match.

Solskjaer, for more than a year at Old Trafford, always openly or hinted at the pursuit of offensive philosophy. For Fernandes, the Norwegian teacher has a playmaker in the middle. Not just passing the ball quickly and accurately, the former Sporting Lisbon player also knows how to dribble, escape pressing, good long shot and be an expert in fixed situations.

In the first leg of the round of 1/16 Europa League a week ago, Fernandes only appeared more than 10 minutes. Tonight, Man Utd fans expect him to shine, as he did last weekend.

Man Utd has many grounds to believe in a victory. Old Trafford is unbeaten in 17 of the last 18 matches in the Europa League. They are also in a series of six unbeaten matches in every arena. With the exception of Paul Pogba, the player who was absent for most of the 2019-2020 season, Solskjaer was full of mighty generals. The 47-year-old military commander must want to win, as a late birthday present (February 26).

Compared to Man Utd, Club Brugge is a regular in the Europa League. The last 10 seasons, including this season, five times they have participated in this tournament’s group stage, twice fell to the round of 16 after finishing third in the Champions League group stage. Man Utd season 2015-2016 defeated Brugge in the Champions League play-off round, causing the Belgian team to play in the Europa League.