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Top 10 English footballers in FIFA World Cup all the time

English is a sport nation, especially football. However, they have not reached many achievements in FIFA World Cup which is the biggest football festival in the global.

They have several times to meet on the final match such as World Cup 1966 they met West Germany, however luck has not still smiled with them.

Although the English national football team has a little pressure on shoulders about records, they always own talented footballers in this festival. Following our article, we share top 10 English footballers in FIFA World Cup in English history.

1/ David Beckham

He has started his career since his debut in 1996. However, he has some highs and lows through some FIFA World Cup.

In 1998, he joined the World Cup with his national team. He made notoriously when he was sent off the defeat in penalties with Argentina. This mistake made him to be a public enemy for this team at this competition.

But he changed in the next World Cup 2002. He became a hero when scoring unique goal against Argentina. It was him to point out that he was not an enemy.

During his career, David Beckham has ever had 115 appearances in an attacker of the England team until his retirement in 2009.

2/ Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker has been the first England player reach the Golden Boot. In general, he had a good career.

In World Cup 1986, he was the first and top the best players to make goals. In general, he got 6 goals. Its expression of him can attract and persuade all fans of football in the England.

In 1990, he continued to reach many achievements in this event. Total he got 10 goals during some season of World Cup.

Scotland – “The Land of Golf” (Part 2)

Royal Troon

A 1.5-hour drive from Edinburgh through Glasgow City – Scotland’s largest city, we reach the South Ayrshire Sea, the landmark of the famous Royal Troon golf course that has existed for 138 years.

This is the arena of The Open 2016, the third most prestigious Major of the year and also the oldest and only Major prize to be held outside the United States. In the yard cluster at Troon Golf, there are more than 10 adjacent courts designed as links and we were fortunate to experience a round of golf at the ancient Troon Links Course.

My sense of the difficulty of this yard is the same as the other courses in Scotland, still wind challenges, dense well-bunker and knee-high rough grass. You have to calculate the drop point of the ball within 180 yards of the ball with par 4, 5 or more, the new ball is in the fairway.

There are golf courses where you can risk a ball driver that can be “1 on green”, but if you can’t do it it will be very easy to lead to disaster. Even if you have to do everything yourself from scratching the sand, fixing ball marks, filling divots of fairway blows or cleaning sticks, etc. but these are interesting experiences in my golf life.

Back to The Open 2016, we clearly see the preparation work is detailed to each stage to become the festival of the world graves of the world. There is no better thing for golfers who have arrived here in the week of the wonderful festivals of The Open.


Ending a golf journey full of our interesting experiences is a message to those who love and love this game once in a lifetime to “The Home of Golf”, you will experience the Scotland’s most beautiful golf course, of course, is indispensable for St Andrews, and visits the most ancient cities in Europe that appear across London’s lands to Scotland and the United Kingdom.

The origin and some popular horse racing forms in England

Horse racing was born in the years 684 BC existed for centuries. This sport is also called another name “Royal Sports“. In the Roman period, there were some of the first horse races to take place, and were included in the Olumpic program in Europe.

Horse racing’s origin

Horse racing has been popular in both England and the United States since the early eighteenth century, each with different ways of organizing, scale and operating. And starting from here, the British began to breed professional breeds for racing.

In 1751, in England began the establishment of small and medium horse racing clubs. At that time, it was released a book about the pure horse breeds that specialized in competitions, this book is called “The Book of Breeds of Animals”.

In the United States, this equestrian sport has been around since the 17th century (formed before England, Britain began investing in purebred horses).


In the form of flat-line horse racing, it is only allowed to use purebred racehorses, Which horses will reach the finish line first. In this form, there are specific and clear rules and regulations that require a high degree of fairness. In a tournament, not only horse racing, but also a kind of entertainment that is accompanied by “seahorses”. Therefore, it is required that the organizers have to be highly specialized, must have strict management systems.

“Obstacle horse racing” is also quite a popular form, also using purebred horses. This type is not much different from flat horse racing, the result is based mainly on the speed.