Tennis is one of the most famous sports in the UK.

Although the UK professional athletes have not yet dominated tennis through international competitions, they always reach good achievements and big titles. Updated in this year, the UK is ranked the 5th, after two excellent nations: Australia and France. 

So, visiting the UK, you can see series of talents in tennis.

Today, we collect top 5 best tennis players who have existed in the legend throughout many decades.

1, Sarah Virginia Wade

Sarah Virginia Wade was a legend of tennis in the UK when she was the only woman in history to win total 4 titles in the Grand Slam event. This is an international record which no one can reach it ever.

She was in 1945 in Bournemouth. Then in 1961, she joined the Wimbledon county girls’ tennis team. This event remarked the first time she started playing tennis officially.

Her career started with the winning in the amateur inaugural open event in Bournemouth. Then she moved to professional career at series of international tennis tournaments.

In 1968, she won the title in US open, after defeating Billie Jean King. Then she continued to reach the second title in four years later. 

During her career of about 26 years, she won about 55 single awards and received about 1.5$ millions for prize. She also was voted as an official member of the Order of the British Empire. 

From 1967 to 1979, she was ranked on top 10tennis players of the word.

In 1985, she retired from all events and closed a successful career of one citizen in the UK. The fact, her spirit and perfect performance made deeply impressive for fans and the younger generation. She contributed so much for growth and profession of tennis in the UK.