The Premier league is considered as one of the most favorite football events which is expected annually. It has been founded since 1992. During 27 seasons, the Premier league has made series big events in the international football history.

In this article, we collect top the greatest football teams in Premier League during the 21st century.  

4/ 2007-2009 season- Manchester United

MU made big breakthrough in history of the Premier League when they reached many titles. The fact that it was the highest season of MU. To have these achievements, MU were lucky when collecting top the best footballers such as Rooney and Ronaldo.

In general, they met two finals and one semi-final in three continuous seasons from 2007 to 2009. Although they didn’t have the Champion, they became a fantastic team with millions of fans in the world.

5/ 2003-2007 season- AC Milan

AC Milan become one of the best team of 21st century. During 2003-2007 season, Millan had three times in the finals, one semifinal and a quarterfinal. In total, they won two titles.

They were successful to become a dominator in the Italian Serie A with a high ranking which has series of success in the European.

6/ 2008-2009 season- Barcelona

Some experts said that Barcelona owned “Dream Team” with many talents like Lionel Messi, Thierry Henry and Samuel Eto. Particularly, this team was under management by Guardiola, therefore their power was double and effective.

Many fans and even anti-fan admitted that Barcelona had beautiful football style.

In general, Barcelona reached 100 goals during the 2008-2009 season. It was considered as a strong rain of goals. Almost goals were created or made by one of three stars of this team. Besides Premier League, they became the Champion for La Liga with 105 goals in this event.