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Top 10 English footballers in FIFA World Cup all the time

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest football event in the world which any footballer has dreamt to reach the trophy. It is considered as a symbol of success and frame.

In this article, we continue to refer top 10 greatest players in FIFA World Cup of the UK which is one of oldest and developed nations about football.

8/ Duncan Edwards

Decan Edward had 18 caps from 1955 to 1958. He got five goals for the national UK team within the short time of 3 years.

The truth that people reminded Duncan as sorrow when he was in a tragic accident with 8 other teammates in Manchester United. They were died terribly when the plane dropped off whereas it attempted to take off without control. This was a disaster when they moved to join a match in the European Cup.

Despite his young death, he was highly appreciated as a young talented player with supportive performance and professional style. He looked like bright light in the football sky.

9/ Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore played at the center-haft position like a captain of the team. He had 108 caps during the 1962 to 1973 season. He got total two goals which dedicated to the World Cup Championship of the England.

In fact, he was a rarely situation who could pick up the Trophy for the England with pride and victory.

10/ Bobby Charlton

He was the first man to reach 49 goals for the England as well MU club during the 1958-1970 in total 106 caps. These achievements were amazing and admiring for anyone. So, he was on the top ranking of this selection.

In FIFA World Cup 1966, he scored two goals against Portugal in the semi-final round. Although his team couldn’t lift the trophy, he was voted for the Ballon d’Or of year.

Top 10 English footballers in FIFA World Cup all the time

Football is a famous sport in the UK. It’s popular because there are a wide range of stars and talented players from this nation to make profession and growth in the international football history.

In this article, we share top 10 the greatest footballer in the UK in FIFA World Cup. If you are a fan of the English football or want to see more rankings and records in World Cup tournament, you should follow our data.

5/ Stanley Matthews 

Stan Mortensen was a hero of the UK football nation when he sacrificed his career for football until he was 50 years old, people accept for him to retire. 

His career was outstanding in World Cup 1533 when he made a hat trick to Blackpool with nick name “The Matthews Final” when he had excellent performance overcome their opponents in World Cup from 1934 to 1957.

By his talent and good skills, he got total 11 goals                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          during his career in FIFA World Cup.

He was voted as the first footballer for the Ballon d’Or award in 1956. Besides it, he reached other prizes such as Alfredo di Stefano, Raymond Kopa and Ferenc Puskas.

6/ Tom Finney 

Tom Finney joined World Cup from 1946 to 1958. He was always a great footballer in any match and any age he could. He got total 30 goals in during his World Cup career.

In his decade, Tom Finney became one of the top goal-scorers, besides Nat Lofthouse, Charlton.

7/ Gordon Banks

Gordon Banks was voted as the 2ndbest gold-keeper in the 20thcentury, only after Lev Yashin. He contributed his talent to winning of the national football team in World Cup 1966. Especially, in the final match, they were against the West Germans. He made deeply impressive when he can keep four clean sheets as well some amazing individual moments.

Top 10 English footballers in FIFA World Cup all the time

Football is always a hot game in the world. Whether anyone is fan of football or not, they still choose to watch an international football match compared all other games.

So, football is called as the king of sport.

In football, FIFA World Cup all the time is the biggest competition for all footballers to compete, connect and find the winner of football. Because this tournament is only held in every 4 years.

In this article, we continue to share top the best footballers of English in World Cup all the time. As far as we know, English has a rich history, so they also own series of the best footballers. Following our article as useful references.

3/ Bryan Robson

Robson had a pro football career at the English national team from 1980 to 1991. In this time, he had total 90 caps and 26 goals. If he was not in serious injury, he could continue the game in longer time with more achievements.

He played at midfielder on team. He was called with nickname as “Captain Marvel” because he always showed full of energy and power in any match he joined. Thank to flexible ability, he could score important goals as well fierce spirit in competitions.

He owned two titles for the Premier League, three titles for the FA Cup, the League Cup and only UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup.

4/ Gordon Banks

Gordon was ever voted for the second best goalkeeper of 20th century by the International Federation of Football, only Lev Yashin.

He made impressive performance for this team against the West Germans in 1966 or Brazil. Although Pele was the most talented star in his era, he was still confident to meet powerful header- Pele.

He also won two titles in the League Cup and FIFA Goalkeeper of the years with 6 times.

Top 10 English footballers in FIFA World Cup all the time

English is a sport nation, especially football. However, they have not reached many achievements in FIFA World Cup which is the biggest football festival in the global.

They have several times to meet on the final match such as World Cup 1966 they met West Germany, however luck has not still smiled with them.

Although the English national football team has a little pressure on shoulders about records, they always own talented footballers in this festival. Following our article, we share top 10 English footballers in FIFA World Cup in English history.

1/ David Beckham

He has started his career since his debut in 1996. However, he has some highs and lows through some FIFA World Cup.

In 1998, he joined the World Cup with his national team. He made notoriously when he was sent off the defeat in penalties with Argentina. This mistake made him to be a public enemy for this team at this competition.

But he changed in the next World Cup 2002. He became a hero when scoring unique goal against Argentina. It was him to point out that he was not an enemy.

During his career, David Beckham has ever had 115 appearances in an attacker of the England team until his retirement in 2009.

2/ Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker has been the first England player reach the Golden Boot. In general, he had a good career.

In World Cup 1986, he was the first and top the best players to make goals. In general, he got 6 goals. Its expression of him can attract and persuade all fans of football in the England.

In 1990, he continued to reach many achievements in this event. Total he got 10 goals during some season of World Cup.