Boxing is a famous sport all over the world that has become a new trend for young people, especially those who love sports and martial arts. Or simply treat it as an exercise for those who want to lose weight or get in shape. This article will read you more about this boxing sport.

Modern boxing can be understood simply as a martial art of bare hands fighting between two athletes, using a punch to attack combined with foot and head movement to evade the opponent’s attacks.

Boxing matches take place in a square of 18 to 22 feet (5.5 to 6.7 meters in length) and surrounded by four ropes. A Boxing match can last from 4 to 12 rounds, each round having three minutes.

The time shortened to two minutes per round is usually applied in women’s competitions and in some competitions held in the UK. By the late 1980s, World Championships such as the WBC, WBA and IBF officially defined a 12-round professional boxing match.

Over the years, many boxing variants have emerged, the most famous being Muay Thai and Boxing, which allow boxers to use both their legs and many other parts to strike.

Boxing has been a sport for thousands of years, becoming an official Olympic event in 688 BC. There is even evidence that boxing existed in ancient Egypt. The early boxing was simply barehanded and there were no rules making it a very cruel and violent sport.

Many years later, this sport began to be prescribed, especially in 1867 the Queen personally developed and approved the Official Rules for this sport.

Many people simply think that a boxing match is composed of boxers and referees or more than judges. But actually, in addition to the athletes participating in the competition, there are still many people and each of them has their functions as follows.


Referees have a very important role in every match. Referees are responsible for helping and forcing boxers to follow the rules, keeping them in a framework while controlling athletes’ behavior and intervening when the situation calls for it.