The FIFA World Cup is the biggest football event in the world which any footballer has dreamt to reach the trophy. It is considered as a symbol of success and frame.

In this article, we continue to refer top 10 greatest players in FIFA World Cup of the UK which is one of oldest and developed nations about football.

8/ Duncan Edwards

Decan Edward had 18 caps from 1955 to 1958. He got five goals for the national UK team within the short time of 3 years.

The truth that people reminded Duncan as sorrow when he was in a tragic accident with 8 other teammates in Manchester United. They were died terribly when the plane dropped off whereas it attempted to take off without control. This was a disaster when they moved to join a match in the European Cup.

Despite his young death, he was highly appreciated as a young talented player with supportive performance and professional style. He looked like bright light in the football sky.

9/ Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore played at the center-haft position like a captain of the team. He had 108 caps during the 1962 to 1973 season. He got total two goals which dedicated to the World Cup Championship of the England.

In fact, he was a rarely situation who could pick up the Trophy for the England with pride and victory.

10/ Bobby Charlton

He was the first man to reach 49 goals for the England as well MU club during the 1958-1970 in total 106 caps. These achievements were amazing and admiring for anyone. So, he was on the top ranking of this selection.

In FIFA World Cup 1966, he scored two goals against Portugal in the semi-final round. Although his team couldn’t lift the trophy, he was voted for the Ballon d’Or of year.