The Premier League is a national football competition in the UK but it is well-known with almost football lovers in the world. In general, if you are a fan of football, you can’t ignore any season in the Premier League.

In this article, we refer top the best clubs in Premier League during its history in 20th century. Following it and seeing whether your favorite team is on the ranking or not.

1/ 1999-2000 season- Manchester United

Manchester United got the championship title for 1999-2000 season with improvement about points and extra goals compared other opponents or the last leagues. Finally, they got total 18 points.

For this season, we have to discuss the best midfield quarter in MU who created almost goals and assists. They included in David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Roy Keane and Ryan Giggs. Actually they became the best quarter during the area in English football. They were not perfect on all aspects but they connected and supported to create perfect goals and assists for their teammates.

2/ 2003-2004 season- Arsenal

For some clubs, reaching champions in Premier league took it easy. But with Arsenal, champion for 2003-2004 season is always remarkable and repeated many times during their football history.

For this season, Arsenal owned one strong team about attacking with the super speed of Thierry Henry or creativity of Dennis Bergkamp and especially ability to reach scores reliably of Freddie Ljungberg and Robert Pires.

In addition, Arsenal built up a dominate possession to make stability about performance during the league.

3/ 2004-2005 season- Chelsea

By owning Jose Mourinho who was a new talent in defense position, Chelsea got the winning excellently with 15 goals and 25 clean sheets during the season, therefore they had 95 points in the final ranking. Both number made surprising and recorded in history of Premier League.