After the referee’s order, 12 diving swimmers of two teams face-down, butt-butt rushed to the bottom of each other’s pants, curled up the holder and passed the ball towards the tray (considered as a goal in ice hockey or football) before making the score (the ball completely falls into the tray).

Underwater hockey tactics “copy” from basketball with defensive formation – attack according to the 3-3 scheme (3 defenders, 3 attackers), or can be transformed into 3-2- 1, 2-3-1, 1-2-3 or 2-2-2 … Each match has 2 innings and the time of regular periods is from 10-20 minutes depending on the rules of each tournament.

The interesting thing about this game is tactics … hold your breath. Because with the water sports, the “fish players” usually hold their breath for about 15-30 seconds before they have to rise to the surface to address the innate needs of humans and dive back to the bottom to continue the competition. duel.

Funnily enough, each score scored not only brings joy to the winning team, but also the losing team also has a small joy. Because after the celebration, all the winning team members rushed to the surface to breathe and of course the losing team was breathing. In stressful matches, the tank is like attaching a jacuzzi to the surface of the water, but the strange thing is that the game rarely causes injuries to the player.

The bizarre and sophisticated skills that make water hockey so pervasive across continents that the top organizations must vie for members and organize world championships. Currently, the sport has two international representative organizations, the Underwater Hockey Commission (CMAS) and the World Aquachallenge Association (WAA), but none of the organizations give up so there are two world championships that exist separately. since 2006 held alternately.